Text and Lecture Notes

Introduction to Programming and Algorithm Design (COP 1000)

These notes are intended to provide some guidance for you as you read the text, and to stimulate class discussion. They are not a substitute for reading and studying the text!

  1. The way of the program
  2. Variables, expressions and statements
  3. Functions
  4. Case study: interface design
  5. Conditionals and recursion
  6. Fruitful functions
  7. Iteration
  8. Strings
  9. Case study: word play
  10. Lists
  11. Dictionaries
  12. Tuples
  13. Case study: data structure selection
  14. Files and exceptions
  15. Classes and objects
  16. Classes and functions
  17. Classes and methods
  18. Inheritance
  19. Graphics with Python
 Updated: 2010-12-13